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Friday, August 1, 2014

Monthly Reads | August

You know how sometimes when you're reading a book, you get all wrapped up in the emotions and that fluttery feeling starts in your chest? That's how I felt reading The Vincent Boys. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Abbi Glines kept me up way past my bedtime!

Beau, Sawyer, and Ashton were inseparable growing up, and Ashton and Beau were best friends. That is, until the boys started to notice that Ashton was changing in ways they didn't really expect. Pretty soon, it wasn't Ashton, her best friend Beau, and his cousin Sawyer; it was Ashton, her boyfriend Sawyer, and his cousin Beau. And Beau just sat back and watched for years, because Sawyer had moved first. But that didn't mean he liked what he saw. He saw Ashton changing again. She was trading in her fun-loving side for a girl who visited the nursing home on a regular basis, who never smarted off at anyone, and who never really spoke her mind. Then, when Sawyer goes on vacation, Ashton seems to remember what it was like to cut loose and begins to miss that part of her life. So she turns to the one person she knows will remember: Beau.

The character development in this story is great, and I think it's what makes the story so strong. I love the Southern charm to all of Glines' stories. It makes me wish I could live there and experience it all too. I love that Ashton is able to find her true self with Beau, I love the love-that-will-cross-oceans kind of love described in this story and it takes my breath away.