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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Down to the Basics


White Chinos: The Limited | Blue Cotton Shirt: Gap Inc. | Sunnies: Gap Inc. | Sandals: Forever 21 | Purse: Vince Camuto | Watch: Etsy | Statement Chain: J. Crew | Ring: Coach 

I've always loved casual basics.


Because they're easy, and quite exemplary when paired perfectly. And right now the blue/cognac color combo is my thing. The two colors seem to pair exceptionally well. Add in the jewels and details, and voila! We have an easy day of comfy casual basics. 

How much better can it get? 



Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Lovin' 2014


One-Piece Bathing Suit and Red Floral Cover Up: Forever 21 | Bag: Vince Camuto | Sunnies: Gap Inc. | Assorted Ring Set: Etsy

Memorial Day 2014. 

Memorial weekend always signifies the beginning of summer. For us Southern Floridians, it's the beginning of swim suit season. 

I hope you enjoy this casual pool side look! 



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Maxi


Maxi Dress & Sunnies : Gap Inc. | Sandals: Forever 21 | Ring Stack: Etsy | Purse: Celine Luggage | Watch: Michael Kors | Vintage Purse Scarf

Lunch Time Adventures


Studded Blouse: Forever 21 | Printed Trousers: Forever 21 | Sandals: Forever 21 
Purse: Chanel | Rings: Etsy | Flower Cuff: J. Crew | Gold Watch: Michael Kors 
Sunnies: Gap 

Ever have a group friends that just, get it. 

Considering I live at home with 3 of my best friends [being my sisters] I have always had tremendous difficulty maintaining female friendships. Women are tough to deal with -- they can be viscous and mean and catty. This type of behavior is typical amongst sisters -- so not a second thought is given.

 But when raised among sisters who do not tolerate this behavior from others "outside the pack" -- things become complicated and difficult when attempting to make "friends" (never thought I would actually need those). 

But oddly enough, even those of use who are constantly surrounded by women -- we still need girlfriends. Women you can share your day with and cultivate a mutual bond . Women who you can vent your frustrations and who will laugh with you ||not at you||. These type of women are hard to come by. There are so many differing factions of women, that sometimes it's hard to find your niche.

So for years I got used to the quiet solitude of just myself and my sisters (which is by no means quiet). But you can't be alone forever. Every woman needs to have her friends of the female variety. 

I seem to have collected an eclectic mix of girlfriends. But each of these women brings something valuable to the table, and together we make our own little group of misfits. 

{Not quite here, but not quite there} 

We understand each other -- although we all come from different backgrounds. We genuinely enjoy our time together and can easily pass hours with just simple conversation and deep-throated laughter (the kind that bubbles up and comes bursting out -- uncontrollably). 

You guys make me feel normal. You make me feel as though maybe, {just maybe} things aren't as bad as they seem. That maybe I do have my own niche -- I just had bring it together myself. 

Our lunch time adventures have come to be {easily} my favorite part of the day. 

Life is simpler. 

{Easier || Better}

With each of you. 



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Nautical Shorts


Nautical Short: The Limited | Starfish Sandals: Nine West | Multi-Tone Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sunnies: Gap Inc. 

Easy. Casual. Basic.


Red Maxi: Forever 21 | Blue Cotton Long Sleeve: Gap Inc. | Belt: The Limited | Sunnies: Gap Inc. | Purse/Watch/Ring: Michael Kors | Sandals: Forever 21 | 

Maxi skirts tend to represent those days you just don't want to get dressed. 
Those days you simply want some comfort. 

And let's talk about how comfortable a maxi skirt can be. 

Easily pairs with all kinds of crop tops, tees, and blouses. You can mix and match several trends, styles, and looks. You can look effortlessly chic in something simple and basic. 

{with the added benefit of comfort} 

I've remixed this specific skirt 3x on the blog (I've included links and pictures to my other looks! be sure to check them out!) and each time the look is easy and chic. I feel like maxi's can be styled to suit any girl's needs and/or wants. 

You want easy? Done. 
You want comfortable? Done. 
You want chic? Done. 
You want classy? Done. 
You want casual? Done. 

All three styles affords you both the luxury of comfort and style. 

All three looks can easily be achieved with simple basic items in each woman's closet. Either with patterned blouses and chunky jewelry Or with simple basic tee's and girly jewelry. 

Whatever your thought might be, feel free to leave them below ;) 



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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Casual Office Style


Skinnie Mini: Gap Inc. | Studded Blouse: Forever 21 | Purse: Chanel | Pumps: Steve Madden | Rings: Etsy | Enameled Cuff: Forever 21 | Gold Watch: Michael Kors | 

One of those days where you just don't want to put in the effort of getting dressed. 

Collectively, as women, it's guaranteed to happen to us. Those days where you just stand in your closet and stare around at all the fabrics and linens hanging effortlessly on their designated posts. These moments where you seem to be internally yelling "I don't want this!"

{Every woman has those moments}

Those moments where you just seem to hate every piece of clothing you own. There is nothing good enough in that closet that will personify the kind of woman you wish to be that day. There is nothing but sheer frustration that you closet is seriously lacking (and yet not one more piece of clothing can be packed in there). 

One of those days, can quickly become two or three. Until eventually you just seem to go for the basics. 

Basic blue skinnie mini, with a basic blush studded blouse. And here we go, basic-casual-office-style. Easy enough for those days that you just want to rip your closet from its hinges. Effortless enough to give you sense of style as though you woke up like this. 

Paired with simple pumps and accessories, it can quickly put an end to the never ending frustration.
 Classy and graceful enough for a day at the office in Corporate America. 

Until next time friends <3 



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