"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ever Evolving Time

Fashion Diaries 


Pants: Gap | White Silk blouse: The Limited | Assorted Rings: Henri Bendel | Flower Cuff: J. Crew | Beaded Bracelet: Michael Kors | Black Leather Watch: Michael Kors
Polish: Essie "Sweater Weather" 


Crepe Pants: Old Navy | Blue Sweater Shirt: The Limited | Statement Chain: Bauble Bar
Multi-tone Watch: Michael Kors 


White Blouse & Tweed Blazer: The Limited | Black Leggings/Pants: Old Navy | Black Pumps: Steve Madden | Chunky Chain Bracelet: J. Crew | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Black Optics: Ray Ban | Mr. Bird Coffee Mug: Target 


Black Sweater: The Limited | Geo Print Pants: Forever 21 |  Statement Chain: J. Crew  | Black Pumps: Steve Madden | Black Optics: Ray Ban | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Statement Lip: MAC Rebel 

By the by: This week’s fashion diaries gives you a peek into my closet and the pieces I have collected over the years. These pieces make individual statements as to who I am. When combined they send out a message to those around me. From printed pants to statement chains, and blazers -- each style speaks about my personality, but allows me to maintain a level of professionalism when in the office. 

Current Churning Thoughts

Time is always continuous, never breaks pauses or stops for anyone. It will always continue to move forward.

The question I ask is this: will you continue to move forward with it?

I think it’s incredible how the days can pass, and you will not notice the small things changing slowly over time; as always -- ever evolving into new realms of possibility. If you had asked me 4 years ago {around this time} what I would envision my life to be like today – the answer would be completely different from the reality.

Four years ago, fashion had no factor in my life, nor did school or a full time job. I was slowly wasting my ability to care for anything other than the endless nights I could not remember. My life was slowly disintegrating into a mess of nothingness, and on a one track path to nowhere. I had no job aspects, no college degree (nor was I enrolled in any classes at the university), nor did I have any sense of who I was or who I wanted to be. Over the previous years I had squandered my chances of studying literature and journalism at prestigious universities, and of achieving my New York living dreams. At the tender age of 21, I had officially hit rock bottom.

But what other option do you have {when you hit the bottom} than to look up into the face of hope?

I can see now, how time will always give you what is best for you when you need it most. And how life will only give you what you are capable of handling. Life can be dark and scary, but it can also be bright and exuberant. I used to take pleasure in the smallest of moments, only because they were the only moments I had for myself. These were the moments I became alive. These were the moments I was living for. These moments became my hope of one day having the life I envisioned for myself. Of one day being the woman I always wanted to be.

I spent countless hours, days, and weeks learning who I was. I came to realize, if I don’t know what I want – then the least I can do is learn what I don’t want – and see how the pieces to the puzzle fit.

I've come to realize the key is to evolve with time, and not be hindered by its course of change. 

And yet, how does fashion help this?

Fashion enabled me to show the world the woman I wanted to be. By projecting this statement to the world, I was able to engrave it into my subconscious psyche. Allowing it to take root at the very core of who I was. Fashion continues to evolve, as it always has, and always will. As fashion {and life} continue to evolve, so too do my chances of continuing to develop me sense of self, and the person I choose to be. 

A collection of blazers

Outrageous heel heights

 Dresses of all kinds, designs, cuts and colors

Mixed patterns, eccentric colors and original prints

Dainty chains, statement jewels, and accessories of all kinds

As I collected these items, and slowly began to develop my sense of self – so too did my sense of fashion begin to develop. And yet, I've come to realize that each piece currently sitting in my closet, is a statement as to who I am and the course my life has taken. Each piece says something about the kind of woman I choose to be, and the person I was when I purchased these item(s).

I’m no longer afraid to be myself. I no longer care how the world perceives my crazy chaotic life to be; because I know this is who I am.

And it’s enough.

So four years later, where am I? I am currently 6 credits shy of my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. I've held a steady full-time position at a company which I have come to love {as a corporate drone} with people {more drones} who inspire me on a daily basis. I've learned how the simple power of hope can take hold in the individual, and how the drive for change can grow consistently with this hope. I've come to appreciate even the darkest moments of my past, as they have allowed me to learn from these experiences and become the individual I had always hoped to be.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentines Ready

Valentines Ready

As always Valentines is a time for soft pinks and deep reds. I've never been one to wear pink regularly. However, I find myself slowly gravitating to blush tones. 

I put this one together with Valentine Date Night in mind. 


I hope you enjoy the look <3



Molly Bracken pink dress
$81 - zalando.co.uk

Valentino ivory pumps

Pink envelope clutch

Black on Black

Black on Black

I've just recently discovered the wonders of Polyvore. The best part? I can automatically connect any of my creations here to the blog :) 

{bare with me as I continue to learn the basics} 

I put this number together this morning as I've been feeling the edgy street style as of late. It's a style choice I am still feeling my way through -- but definitely pieces I would love to add to the Closet Collection. 

My mom has always told me there are certain fashion pieces and items which will never go out of style. She instilled in me the basic philosophy that "should you invest in these items slowly, your closet will continue to grow" thereby giving me the opportunity to mix and match pieces over the course of time. It's come to my realization that items which you purchase today {of quality} can become key pieces to your style as you continue to develop your sense of fashion. 

Black leather goods will always be in style, as well classic pointy flats. 

All black everything? Always a good choice <3 



Black on Black by jessicaroque featuring Yves Saint Laurent



$22 - hm.com

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I've been completely MIA for the last week or so, and for that I am incredibly sorry.

And yet, these are the thoughts my mind has been churning:

Ever have one of those moments, where time seems to suspend and reach into the infinite? Life seems to stop moving around you as you being to see the reality of the world around you for the first time. That moment where clarity seems to sink in, and suddenly – you understand.

I've had two of these moments in my short lifetime {incredulous I know}

I’m an eccentric, loud, and crazy individual. I have no filter, as soon as the thought pops in, the words spill from my lips – regardless of how they affect others, myself, or future endeavors. I laugh, loud and often. I have a total disregard for consequences, and follow the small whims of my desire. It is my belief that you can do what you wish with your life, while still respecting others. I believe in love and happiness, I believe in the happily ever after -- not in the romantic sense, but in the individualistic, I can achieve anything sense.

However, deep in the recess of my brain there resides {The Mind}. An entirely different entity which always wishes to drag the small rays of light I live off of, down into the dark spaces of my mind. It’s incredible how the mind works, and functions. It’s absurd how once it takes over one can change completely, and seems to transform into another completely different individual. One in which nothing has meaning. Nothing is worth the time or effort, and there is no point in enduring, as there is no hope – either for yourself or others.

The mind is a dark and scary place.

And yet, as always there is one constant ray of light in my world. One light which will never be diminished. A light which will never allow me to give up hope or get lost into the darkness. This light encourages me to be the person I was meant to be. She pushes me to edge of the darkness and allows me to free fall into the beauty of life. She is the one cornerstone which I refuse to relinquish. She is the reason I am where I am, she is the reason I am the woman I have become.

{She is my muse}

But more than that, she is my sister.

For years she has pushed me to overcome the dark corners of my mind. To confront them head on, instead of repressing them into my subconscious. She refuses to allow myself to be forever lost, as this would affect her in ways I could not even begin to understand.

So, about 4 years ago, I sat emotionless – completely drained from my life and (for lack of a better word) the shithole it had become. There had been too many dark nights, endless shenanigans, and moments where I could not remember. I had lost myself completely to the dark corners of my mind. I could literally feel my mind forcing the reins from me, completely subordinating me to its demands. I was running the risk of losing the very essence of who I was, of being completely consumed by the darkness. As I sat lifeless, it was the thought of what would happen to her, if I allowed the darkness to consume me completely -- that allowed me to endure. How losing me would forever change her, and the ripples it would cause across her lifetime. It was in that moment – I chose her, I chose to strive to be the individual she believed me to be.

If she believed it {in her infinite wisdom} then it had to be possible.

I have spent 4 years motivated by this incredible woman. She is my role model, and I hope one day to be as kind and caring as she is. I hope one day to be able to achieve the level of compassion she has shown others throughout her lifetime. I hope one day, I can be as successful (not professionally, but personally and morally) as she is. I hope one day I can make her proud, by producing that novel she so desperately wants from me.

But more than anything,

I hope to one day to make you proud, by being the woman you believe me to be.

That second life altering moment?

The day she became engaged. This was the beginning of my sister’s happily ever after, and it was at this moment I realized – I can have my own.


Below are pictures from the Bridesmaid Brunch, served deliciously at Swine Southern Table and Bar. 

Fashion Diaries: 


Blue Skinny Minnies: Gap | Blue Polka Button Down and Yellow Sweater: The Limited | Jewels: J. Crew | Optics: Ray Ban 


Little Black Dress: The Limited | Jewels: J. Crew | Polka Tights: The Limited | Sunnies: Vince Camuto 


Pants, Sweater, and Button Down: Old Navy | Statement Chain: Bauble Bar |
Mr. Bird: Target | Optics: Ray Ban

By the By: I hope to be able to include small pieces of myself. It is my hope that each post will allow you to be able to understand me, both by my fashion and my writing. As such, I hope to include both text and fashion pictures. I know this not the norm, but as you'll quickly come to learn, I'm not of the norm either. Life can take you to unexpected places, and I hope by sharing small pieces of myself, those of you out there will be able to cope and learn as I did -- with the love and support of others. This week's fashion diaries only reaches until Tuesday, however -- all daily outfit posts can be found on my instagram account @fashionxplum  

Corporate America is my profession -- but not my style. Don't get me wrong, I am a strong believer in the professionalism required of a large, up and coming company. However, I refuse to relinquish myself completely to the drones of the corporate world. I am who I am, and this personality is physically manifested in the way I express myself through fashion. 

I've come to learn life is best lived, expressing yourself fully. Fashion allows me to do this, while giving me the confidence to be who I always wanted be. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Modern Day Darcy

I don’t really know how to explain the feeling reading produces within me. When I read I get lost in the text and the fictional world the book creates. It’s as though these stories and adventures come to life, and offer an escape from my reality. I assume the role of these heroines I read about. Their lives are my life. And their trials, adventures, hopes, and dreams are those of my own. In each of these {fantastical} novels, the heroine falls for the brooding, strong, arrogant hero. But upon further reflection, he falls so hard head over heels for her – he reveals himself for the love sick sap that he is. It’s romantic and beautiful, to the point you feel yourself falling mercilessly in love. Eventually you begin dreaming of your own Mr. Darcy, and the qualities you wish him to possess.

I’ve always been the kind of girl to always be involved in a relationship, or otherwise dating. But three years ago, I suffered a serious {life altering} accident. My eyes opened to the reality of what my life had become over the previous 2 years – and I made a decision to break from my reality and take the time to love myself instead. I spent 3 years focusing and learning each corner of my mind, even the dark unopened spaces I always feared to venture into. There are places in the far reaches on my mind that still, to this day, I term “unchartered territory”. Corners which I wish to remain in the shadows.

During these dark times, reading became my therapy. It was through these heroines I was able to develop a sense of the kind of woman I hoped to be. Strong, confident, and graceful. A woman who took pride in her intelligence and used it to its fullest potential. A woman who accepted the love and support from those around her. Someone who was brave enough to face down her fears and conquer the world beyond her reach. I wanted to succeed in the areas I applied myself, but up until this point, I had never applied myself to any area. I was a quitter, and I fled when things got tough and scary.

 Except  for literature. 

My love for literature has only ever grown. Stories and texts became my escape from the dismal reality of my world. I grew both personally and morally, because of the fictional characters I discovered in Stephanie Laurens Cynster Series.
(Historical Romance is officially my favorite genre).

It was at this moment, I no longer wished to settle for less than what I deserved. I came to terms with the fact that I was a smart, exuberant, and social young lady. These were not qualities I wished to shy from any longer– and therefore I realized one vital fact: I deserved to be happy. I began to fantasize of my very own Mr. Darcy, my one true love who would come to sweep me off my feet. He would accept that my intelligence was vast, and that my love would always reside in the written text of published works. He would accept that I had a fast smile and friendly face for strangers of all walks of life, and furthermore he would encourage me in pursuing these qualities of my personality. He would be ok with whatever skeletons were hiding in my past, and learn to accept that my life would begin with him the day we so chose it. He would love my inner beauty before any superficial outer shell.  

And so after 3 years of discovering myself and the woman I wished to be, this man revealed himself to me. I guess it was my own wrongdoing for not noticing that he had been at my side for the last 10 years. Patiently waiting, and coaxing this woman from the inner guards of the most private places of my mind. He brought me to life. And still to this day he continues to encourage me to better myself. He slowly teaches me the virtue of patience, the effect a loving or forgiving word can have on others. He shows me life is not about getting what you want, but loving what you currently have. Because it’s enough.

In April of 2013, I fell in love with my best friend of 10 years. And it was quite possibly the best decision I have ever allowed myself to make. He was already a part of my family, but now he is the most integral part of my support system. He currently holds the key to the future I want, and the life I have always envisioned for myself.

He’s every bit the modern day Mr. Darcy I have always dreamed of. And it’s safe to say I have been thoroughly swept off my feet.


Until next time friends <3


This Week's Fashion Diary: 



Blazer: The Limited | Blue Skinnie Minnies: The Gap Inc. | Chic Minnie Mouse Shirt: Forever 21 | Jewelry: Michael Kors Black Leather Watch, Stacked Rings (multiple designers)



Blue Sweater and Cotton Button Down (underneath): Old Navy | Pants: The Limited | Optics: Ray Ban | Flower Chain: J. Crew | Watch : Michael Kors | Stacked Ring Set: Henri Bendel 



White Polka Dot Button Down: Old Navy | Red Wool Sweater: The Gap Inc. | Statement Chain & Bracelet: J. Crew | Black Leggings: Romeo & Juliet | Stacked Ring Set: Henri Bendel | Black Leather Watch: Michael Kors | Optics: Ray Ban



Sheer Flower Blouse: Forever 21 | Blazer: The Limited | Blue Skinnie Minnies: The Gap | Watch: Michael Kors | Arm Party: Michael Kors, Gigglosophy 

By the By: This week’s fashion looks are provided from my business looks for this week. I work in Corporate America, but try to infuse a sense of chic into my style. Business professional, does not always mean Business Boring. I always add some kind of color, texture, and/or print in order to make any style my own. I’ve heard once, that “an outfit without accessories is like sex without the orgasm”. I found this statement to be extremely accurate. The weather in sunny Florida has been somewhat dismal with all the rain and overcast skies; however we were blessed with two days of cold weather.  Since I currently work in IT Services (tech gal, surprising! I know lol) I always opt for pants and blazers as they provide a certain level of comfort. But {again} comfort does not always mean frumpy and boring ;)

p.s: all these looks can be found daily on my instagram account @fashionxplum

I hope you enjoy everything this blog has to offer, and look forward to whatever else life has to offer. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Only the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth.

Ever wonder what your life would be like had you made different choices? Where would you be? What would your life be like? I find myself pondering life’s small moments at odd intervals throughout the day. What if I had never tumbled down Alice’s dark rabbit hole – into a world of untold mental misery? What if I had not recovered from those dark moments, and instead found myself falling so deep under, the surface would never be found? Where would I be without what I now refer to as “my support system”?

Writing has always been my niche. The one place where I can be completely myself and not worry about others. Writing is the place where I can express myself completely in a way that is easily understandable to others (if you heard me speak this would make sense to you). Writing is my therapy, and life is my muse.

I remember 3rd grade when my reading level began to advance at a faster rate than my fellow classmates. My love for books and storytelling outcasted me from the others, and turned me into an introvert. I was afraid to express my love of books or writing for fear of judgment or being labeled negatively. It wasn't until high school that I was able to break this mold I had forced unto myself. And yet as the years passed, this love did not fade nor diminish. It simply grew {quietly} in the small corners of my mind. I have always had love for other hobbies and past times, but at the end of the day one thing has always stuck – my love for the literary arts and being able to produce my own words and works.

Several times I have been encouraged by various members of my family to produce my own work and titles in order to pursue having them published. But I've always found expressing my thoughts, works, and words to be an extremely personal matter. When I write, the words come from the darkest reaches of my mind (which I have come to realize is a different entity from who I am – more on this later). But my writing is the literary expression of my soul. It has come to define who I am and who I wish to be. My deepest secrets, wants, and fears; and as such sharing these inner words is downright scary.

And then I discovered fashion. I can see now how my previous blog posts have been given the wrong literary aspects. The words produced were not those of my own, they were generic and average in which I failed to express myself. Fashion has allowed me to make a statement of who I am, who I wish to be – and as such this is physically manifested by what I choose to wear and how I choose to style myself. I take great pride in choosing different pieces to add to my closet. Each of these pieces represents a small part of who I have grown to be. My wardrobe expresses the woman I have become, to the physical world around me. I've spent many dark years learning who I am and coming to terms with many of the blows I have been dealt. It is only now, that I have left behind this dark tunnel, and have come to realize these “blows” were actually saving graces, as they made me who I am today.

My take on fashion? It’s philosophical.

From this moment forward I solemnly swear to be brutally honest about whom I am, and how my style choices represent me and the paths I've chosen to take. I promise to share with you the stories of how I conquered some of the darkest moments of my life, some of the eccentric memories which have helped me to grow both personally and morally. I promise to provide the same love and support I received over the years – which has allowed me to become comfortable in my own skin, regardless of the circumstance.

I promise to be me, and no other.



p.s I look forward to each and every adventure this endeavor might take me on. And hope to share these small moments with each of you. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Errand Boy

Pictured Above: 

Blue Skinnie Minnies: Gap Inc. | Red Sweater (w. navy elbow patches): The Limited | Oxfords: Forever 21 | Black Leather Watch & Leopard Ring: Michael Kors | Bracelet: J.Crew | Leopard Purse (not pictured): Michael Kors

Date Night at the pizzeria calls for a casual/comfortable look. Saturday night's outfit was dedicated to a boy-chic look. Comfortable in worn in oxfords, and a soft, light sweater brought to life my "boyish" look. However, pairing these pieces with dress socks, a simple black leather watch, gold jewelry, and leopard purse gave the "studious school boy" look a girly charm. This look seems to embolden my inner tomboy, while still giving credit to girlish tendencies. Who says men's apparel cant be chic? 


p.s: sorry for being unable to capture a full body shot of this nights boy chic look. 

"Fashion is going against all odds, in order to make a statement of who you are."