"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Monday, May 19, 2014

Simple Saturdaze


Skinnie Mini: Gap Inc. | Mineral Wash Tee: Forever 21 | Black Belt: The Limited | Pointy Toe Oxfords: Forever 21 | Ring Stacks: Assorted Etsy Shops | Bag: Chanel | Leather Watch: Michael Kors | Statement Chain: J. Crew | Sunnies: Gap Inc. 

Have you ever felt so completely connected to another soul, that you feel like you breath the same air and think on the same wavelength. Your thoughts are the same, your imaginations, goals, and values -- all shared commonly amongst each other. 

I've spent a lifetime surrounded by women. Being raised in a house of 4 sisters and a mom -- tends to lead to a breeding ground of womanly pursuits and endeavors. All kinds of shopping, make up, shoes, and girl talk. Yes we are catty. Yes we love to talk shit. What group of girlfriends doesn't do this?

{ The exception? }

These girls are my sisters. 

Can you imagine growing up with and living with your three closest best friends, round the clock 24 hours a day -- for 25 years. The three people who know each and every one of your memories or secrets, because at the end of the day they shared them with you. 

These three people are the cornerstone of my life. They keep my sane in my most insane moments. They bring me back to the ground, when circumstance catapults me into the sky. They give me the air I breathe, and paint the picture of the woman I aspire to be.  They keep the days brights and give life it's many colors. 

These 3 women are at the very core of who I believe myself to be. And each of them posses qualities of the woman I have always envisioned myself to be. I have learned valuable qualities from each of you. And to each of you I owe a multitude of thanks. 

Thanks for the unconditional love in my darkest moments. 
Thanks for pushing me to keep going, when quitting was what I wanted most. 
Thanks for having the unshakable belief that I can conquer what I most wanted. 
Thanks for believing I can achieve the un-achievable. 

But mainly, thanks for sticking by my side when the road got rough. 

{Because in the end we're family}

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."




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