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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

4 Tips for | Getting the Most from Your Haircut

1. Research, Research, Research! 

Be sure, [before] you're appointment to look for ideas of what you want. If you walk into the salon and say "whatever you think is best" I can almost guarantee you will be dissatisfied with the results. It's important to let your hairdresser know what you want, and what direction you want your new look to go in. If you hand over the reins completely to your hairdresser, then you've entered no-man's land! 

2. Get to know your hair dresser. 
The more you know about him/her the more you will learn about what styles they have mastered best. Not all hairdressers are the same, and others have specialties in varying areas of hair technique. Talk to your hairdresser and dont be afraid or intimidated to express what you want. If you are not comfortable with your hairdressers response, then be sure to politely leave. Nothing is worse than paying for a haircut you don't totally love! 

3. Pay Attention! 
There are times when you're hairdresser will use a certain brush or technique in order to style your hair. Pay attention to these moments so you will be able to recreate them on your own time, giving you the salon ready hair you dream about on a day to day basis. 

4. Invest in the Products. 
When it comes to your hair, you want what is best. The number one most noticeable thing a woman can wear, is her hair. It's always there and always unruly. Talk to your hairdresser about what products he/she can suggest that you use, based on your hair type. I have extremely curly hair, and have learned over the years that there are certain products which will not give me the look I want! Be sure you're using the right products for your hair type!