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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fitness | 5 Intense Longer Workouts

So we all love to eat as much as the next girl. But let's face it, those pounds are getting real comfortable in spots they should not be. As a result I've had to dedicate more time to the gym and my workouts, just to be able to shovel all my favorite foods into the bottomless pit which has become my stomach (and don't even get me started on dessert!) 

The following 5 workout routines were sourced from Fitsugar (be sure to check out their site for more fitness tips)! They have amazing tips, tricks and workout routines in order to keep your body in shape this summer season. 

60-Minute Circuit Workout

1. The Gym Circuit Workout: This hour-long circuit workout will definitely keep things interesting at the gym. You move quickly from push ups to jumps to barbell presses, and before you know it your 60 minutes are up and you've burned hundreds of calories! Plus the after burn effect is nothing by intensely satisfying! 

2. Feel the Burn: Ready to switch up your treadmill routine? Good! Because this 60-minute treadmill and strength training session will having you jumping off and on the treadmill and will definitely get you the results you're looking for. There's never a dull moment with fierce calorie burning. 

3. Five Mile Playlist: This weekend is the perfect time to get out for a longer period of time. Try getting up early in the morning to enjoy the cool dawn temperatures and enjoying this 50 minute running playlist

4. Outdoor Running Challenge: If you're looking for a good mix of both running and strength training made for outdoors, then this 60-minute running workout is just the thing you need! It allows you the luxury of running at your own fast pace, followed by fun muscle-building moves. 

5. The Not so Boring Elliptical: Love the elliptical like I do? Try boosting your workout with this 60-minute elliptical interval workout, which will help you to burn major calories!