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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

5 Genius Tips for | Getting Dressed Faster in the Morning

So let's face it -- if you're a woman, you know what it's like to be rushing out the door in the morning because you couldn't figure your s@!t out in time during your morning routine. And maybe it's time to switch up that routine, because you don't think you're boss will be so lenient to another tardy: due to a beauty emergency. 

But I know what it's like. If you don't feel your absolute beauty best, you don't feel your absolute productive best. Your sense of self directly coincides with how you feel you look. You feel confident when you look the part. 

These are 5 tips for speeding up that morning routine. For those girls who want to have their cake and eat it too..... 

1. Plan Ahead 
Meaning, get to brainstorming on that outfit the night before. Sit in that lovely closet of yours and don't leave until you feel confident in your outfit choice. It's the most logical thing you can do to save time in the morning. Before bed, choose your entire outfit for the next day, shoes, accessories, and all. This is always infinitely better than having to scrap something together from scratch at about 7am.

2. Organize Your Accessories 
It makes sense, that if you know where everything is, you're likely to move quicker in the morning. You won't have to spend time rummaging through all kinds of goodies, looking for that specific one. This is easily that fastest track to frustration and anger. Be sure to keep all your items organized in a way that is comfortable and easy for you. Hang necklaces to ensure no knots are formed, and stack your rings on ring trays for easy visibility. And always keep your prized jewels in the same spot for easy access. 

3. Don't Over-Accessorize 
It happens. In the heat of the moment you are so preoccupied with getting dressed you don't realize that you are piling on those accessories like it is nobody's business. And girl, you will be nobody's business if you don't take some of those stacks off. Always remember on those rushed mornings to always keep it simple. A few midi-rings, a watch, earrings, and delicate bracelet and you can be out the door in minutes. It is also wise to keep a simple "go-to" jewelry set, so on those days where you completely forewent step one -- you won't commit the crime of step 3.

4. Separate & Organize Your Closet 
Oh lord! The all time consuming re organization of your closet. You will never feel more cleansed, or happy in your life. That moment where you rip all those clothes off those hangers and just get to organizing -- you will be incredibly grateful every morning thereafter. By separating your items it allows greater accessibility in your closet. You know where to find all your items, helping you dress quicker when you're in a pinch for time. 

5. Have Your Bag Ready to Go 
So this is has to be extremely logical. When you're planning out that outfit of yours the night before -- be sure to pack that bag you plan to use as well. I am a compulsive bag changer; and this can cause some issues as I am always leaving items behind in other bags. I've learned to compartmentalize my bag. All my beauty items in one small bag, my wallet, etc. are all housed in small bags. When it's time to swap I simply move the smaller bags from one purse to another.