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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beautiful Disaster


Striped Pants: Gap Inc. | Grey Sweater Shirt: The Limited | Statement Chain & Bracelet: J. Crew | Watch: Michael Kors | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Purse: Marc Jacobs | Blush Pumps: Steve Madden 

Have you ever felt like such a mess, you're not quite sure what to do with yourself or where to go from there? You just get lost in the chaos that seems to be enveloping every aspect of your life. But in the end only beauty can be found from your disaster? 

I have felt like this multiple times in my life. Times in which only the dark unknown chaos was familiar to me. I learned to navigate these uncharted waters, until I found the shores of home. Not an easy task considering how perilous the unknown can be, and it is {damn right} scary. You get lost in what you fear and seem to lose a sense of who you are and what you had hoped to be. 

And yet..

When you escape this darkness, it's as though a new you has been forged from the unknown chaos. You come home from these turbulent times someone different and new. Someone who knows what it is like to live through the darkness as well as the light. You know the feeling of being lost in the sea of you mind. You know what it's like to feel loss and suffering of your own internal self. You know what it's like to lose a piece of you, and come out a harder individual on the other side. 

But the end result is always something beautiful. 

You can handle more than what you thought you normally could.
You are stronger than you were before. 
You are more resilient. 

You learn that within the chaos that is your mind, there is a sense of learning and structure. And this newly forged you would not be possible without the trials and avails of the darkest corners of your mind.  

Eastern Religion teaches the power reincarnation, and that it is the soul's purpose in life to achieve self actualization. What if the key to your self actualization lies in discovering the darkest corners of your mind, and conquering them. In order to do so, you would have to be willing to venture into the chaotic mess that is your internal self -- a let these pieces of you go. Only then would you be able to escape the karmic wheel. 

Just some food for thought... 

Until next time friends <3 



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