"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black on Black

Black on Black

I've just recently discovered the wonders of Polyvore. The best part? I can automatically connect any of my creations here to the blog :) 

{bare with me as I continue to learn the basics} 

I put this number together this morning as I've been feeling the edgy street style as of late. It's a style choice I am still feeling my way through -- but definitely pieces I would love to add to the Closet Collection. 

My mom has always told me there are certain fashion pieces and items which will never go out of style. She instilled in me the basic philosophy that "should you invest in these items slowly, your closet will continue to grow" thereby giving me the opportunity to mix and match pieces over the course of time. It's come to my realization that items which you purchase today {of quality} can become key pieces to your style as you continue to develop your sense of fashion. 

Black leather goods will always be in style, as well classic pointy flats. 

All black everything? Always a good choice <3 



Black on Black by jessicaroque featuring Yves Saint Laurent



$22 - hm.com