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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Modern Day Darcy

I don’t really know how to explain the feeling reading produces within me. When I read I get lost in the text and the fictional world the book creates. It’s as though these stories and adventures come to life, and offer an escape from my reality. I assume the role of these heroines I read about. Their lives are my life. And their trials, adventures, hopes, and dreams are those of my own. In each of these {fantastical} novels, the heroine falls for the brooding, strong, arrogant hero. But upon further reflection, he falls so hard head over heels for her – he reveals himself for the love sick sap that he is. It’s romantic and beautiful, to the point you feel yourself falling mercilessly in love. Eventually you begin dreaming of your own Mr. Darcy, and the qualities you wish him to possess.

I’ve always been the kind of girl to always be involved in a relationship, or otherwise dating. But three years ago, I suffered a serious {life altering} accident. My eyes opened to the reality of what my life had become over the previous 2 years – and I made a decision to break from my reality and take the time to love myself instead. I spent 3 years focusing and learning each corner of my mind, even the dark unopened spaces I always feared to venture into. There are places in the far reaches on my mind that still, to this day, I term “unchartered territory”. Corners which I wish to remain in the shadows.

During these dark times, reading became my therapy. It was through these heroines I was able to develop a sense of the kind of woman I hoped to be. Strong, confident, and graceful. A woman who took pride in her intelligence and used it to its fullest potential. A woman who accepted the love and support from those around her. Someone who was brave enough to face down her fears and conquer the world beyond her reach. I wanted to succeed in the areas I applied myself, but up until this point, I had never applied myself to any area. I was a quitter, and I fled when things got tough and scary.

 Except  for literature. 

My love for literature has only ever grown. Stories and texts became my escape from the dismal reality of my world. I grew both personally and morally, because of the fictional characters I discovered in Stephanie Laurens Cynster Series.
(Historical Romance is officially my favorite genre).

It was at this moment, I no longer wished to settle for less than what I deserved. I came to terms with the fact that I was a smart, exuberant, and social young lady. These were not qualities I wished to shy from any longer– and therefore I realized one vital fact: I deserved to be happy. I began to fantasize of my very own Mr. Darcy, my one true love who would come to sweep me off my feet. He would accept that my intelligence was vast, and that my love would always reside in the written text of published works. He would accept that I had a fast smile and friendly face for strangers of all walks of life, and furthermore he would encourage me in pursuing these qualities of my personality. He would be ok with whatever skeletons were hiding in my past, and learn to accept that my life would begin with him the day we so chose it. He would love my inner beauty before any superficial outer shell.  

And so after 3 years of discovering myself and the woman I wished to be, this man revealed himself to me. I guess it was my own wrongdoing for not noticing that he had been at my side for the last 10 years. Patiently waiting, and coaxing this woman from the inner guards of the most private places of my mind. He brought me to life. And still to this day he continues to encourage me to better myself. He slowly teaches me the virtue of patience, the effect a loving or forgiving word can have on others. He shows me life is not about getting what you want, but loving what you currently have. Because it’s enough.

In April of 2013, I fell in love with my best friend of 10 years. And it was quite possibly the best decision I have ever allowed myself to make. He was already a part of my family, but now he is the most integral part of my support system. He currently holds the key to the future I want, and the life I have always envisioned for myself.

He’s every bit the modern day Mr. Darcy I have always dreamed of. And it’s safe to say I have been thoroughly swept off my feet.


Until next time friends <3


This Week's Fashion Diary: 



Blazer: The Limited | Blue Skinnie Minnies: The Gap Inc. | Chic Minnie Mouse Shirt: Forever 21 | Jewelry: Michael Kors Black Leather Watch, Stacked Rings (multiple designers)



Blue Sweater and Cotton Button Down (underneath): Old Navy | Pants: The Limited | Optics: Ray Ban | Flower Chain: J. Crew | Watch : Michael Kors | Stacked Ring Set: Henri Bendel 



White Polka Dot Button Down: Old Navy | Red Wool Sweater: The Gap Inc. | Statement Chain & Bracelet: J. Crew | Black Leggings: Romeo & Juliet | Stacked Ring Set: Henri Bendel | Black Leather Watch: Michael Kors | Optics: Ray Ban



Sheer Flower Blouse: Forever 21 | Blazer: The Limited | Blue Skinnie Minnies: The Gap | Watch: Michael Kors | Arm Party: Michael Kors, Gigglosophy 

By the By: This week’s fashion looks are provided from my business looks for this week. I work in Corporate America, but try to infuse a sense of chic into my style. Business professional, does not always mean Business Boring. I always add some kind of color, texture, and/or print in order to make any style my own. I’ve heard once, that “an outfit without accessories is like sex without the orgasm”. I found this statement to be extremely accurate. The weather in sunny Florida has been somewhat dismal with all the rain and overcast skies; however we were blessed with two days of cold weather.  Since I currently work in IT Services (tech gal, surprising! I know lol) I always opt for pants and blazers as they provide a certain level of comfort. But {again} comfort does not always mean frumpy and boring ;)

p.s: all these looks can be found daily on my instagram account @fashionxplum

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