"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ever Evolving Time

Fashion Diaries 


Pants: Gap | White Silk blouse: The Limited | Assorted Rings: Henri Bendel | Flower Cuff: J. Crew | Beaded Bracelet: Michael Kors | Black Leather Watch: Michael Kors
Polish: Essie "Sweater Weather" 


Crepe Pants: Old Navy | Blue Sweater Shirt: The Limited | Statement Chain: Bauble Bar
Multi-tone Watch: Michael Kors 


White Blouse & Tweed Blazer: The Limited | Black Leggings/Pants: Old Navy | Black Pumps: Steve Madden | Chunky Chain Bracelet: J. Crew | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Black Optics: Ray Ban | Mr. Bird Coffee Mug: Target 


Black Sweater: The Limited | Geo Print Pants: Forever 21 |  Statement Chain: J. Crew  | Black Pumps: Steve Madden | Black Optics: Ray Ban | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Statement Lip: MAC Rebel 

By the by: This week’s fashion diaries gives you a peek into my closet and the pieces I have collected over the years. These pieces make individual statements as to who I am. When combined they send out a message to those around me. From printed pants to statement chains, and blazers -- each style speaks about my personality, but allows me to maintain a level of professionalism when in the office. 

Current Churning Thoughts

Time is always continuous, never breaks pauses or stops for anyone. It will always continue to move forward.

The question I ask is this: will you continue to move forward with it?

I think it’s incredible how the days can pass, and you will not notice the small things changing slowly over time; as always -- ever evolving into new realms of possibility. If you had asked me 4 years ago {around this time} what I would envision my life to be like today – the answer would be completely different from the reality.

Four years ago, fashion had no factor in my life, nor did school or a full time job. I was slowly wasting my ability to care for anything other than the endless nights I could not remember. My life was slowly disintegrating into a mess of nothingness, and on a one track path to nowhere. I had no job aspects, no college degree (nor was I enrolled in any classes at the university), nor did I have any sense of who I was or who I wanted to be. Over the previous years I had squandered my chances of studying literature and journalism at prestigious universities, and of achieving my New York living dreams. At the tender age of 21, I had officially hit rock bottom.

But what other option do you have {when you hit the bottom} than to look up into the face of hope?

I can see now, how time will always give you what is best for you when you need it most. And how life will only give you what you are capable of handling. Life can be dark and scary, but it can also be bright and exuberant. I used to take pleasure in the smallest of moments, only because they were the only moments I had for myself. These were the moments I became alive. These were the moments I was living for. These moments became my hope of one day having the life I envisioned for myself. Of one day being the woman I always wanted to be.

I spent countless hours, days, and weeks learning who I was. I came to realize, if I don’t know what I want – then the least I can do is learn what I don’t want – and see how the pieces to the puzzle fit.

I've come to realize the key is to evolve with time, and not be hindered by its course of change. 

And yet, how does fashion help this?

Fashion enabled me to show the world the woman I wanted to be. By projecting this statement to the world, I was able to engrave it into my subconscious psyche. Allowing it to take root at the very core of who I was. Fashion continues to evolve, as it always has, and always will. As fashion {and life} continue to evolve, so too do my chances of continuing to develop me sense of self, and the person I choose to be. 

A collection of blazers

Outrageous heel heights

 Dresses of all kinds, designs, cuts and colors

Mixed patterns, eccentric colors and original prints

Dainty chains, statement jewels, and accessories of all kinds

As I collected these items, and slowly began to develop my sense of self – so too did my sense of fashion begin to develop. And yet, I've come to realize that each piece currently sitting in my closet, is a statement as to who I am and the course my life has taken. Each piece says something about the kind of woman I choose to be, and the person I was when I purchased these item(s).

I’m no longer afraid to be myself. I no longer care how the world perceives my crazy chaotic life to be; because I know this is who I am.

And it’s enough.

So four years later, where am I? I am currently 6 credits shy of my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. I've held a steady full-time position at a company which I have come to love {as a corporate drone} with people {more drones} who inspire me on a daily basis. I've learned how the simple power of hope can take hold in the individual, and how the drive for change can grow consistently with this hope. I've come to appreciate even the darkest moments of my past, as they have allowed me to learn from these experiences and become the individual I had always hoped to be.