"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Geometric Shift Dress: Lulus | Flower Statement Chain & Bracelet: J.Crew | White Pumps: Jessica Simpson | Black Optics: Ray Ban | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Gold Watch: Michael Kors 

Four years ago today, my life changed forever.

February 4, 2014 I was involved in an accident that would change the course of my life. And these circumstances, as horrible as they were to live through, brought me here: to this moment.

The months, days, and years leading up to this event have been repressed into the subconsciousness of my psyche. Yet the moments walking away from the accident are forever ingrained in my mind. It was from that moment I made a conscious effort to better myself & my future.

I grew from this moment, I evolved and I changed. I became a woman who loved herself above all others. It was in the small moments after the accident I would pep talk myself into loving me. I had been broken, and it was up to me to fix myself – no one else would be able to take on the job.

|| Flash Forward 4 years ||

I know I matter. I know my life and my choices are important to none other than myself, and that is enough. I know that whom I choose to be, and the life I choose to live is up to me. I cannot allow the words and opinions of others to influence how I choose to live my life – or allow these comments to break me down. I make a conscious effort to define what I want, and then take the steps to ensure I get it. I’m a tenacious go-getter, and it’s gotten me to where I wish to be.

My life is my own. And the choices I make define the lifestyle I choose to live.

My outfit choice?

Is as loud and eccentric as I wish to be. The mixture of colors and patterns on the soft fabric make the overall look – feel as though this shift dress was made specifically for me. It defines me in a way I didn’t think possible when I originally made my purchase. To accentuate the look I added soft gold jewel tones that were enough to make a presence, but not enough to overpower the look. And although the polar vortex seems to be taking over much of the country, here in Sunny Miami – the weather is perfect for light fabrics, short dresses and bared legs.

{I’ll admit it was HOT outside during the shoot}

I hope fashion will encourage others the way it has for myself. I hope it allows you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Just remember, evolution is timeless.