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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Diary: Carb Cycling, v. II

Leg Day

Plum is wearing -- [Old Navy Active Leggings and Sports Bra, Nike Free Runs, Baby-G Watch, FTP Live Love Lift Tank] 
Josie is wearing -- [Old Navy Active Legging and workout tank, Jordans sneakers, Victoria Secret Active Sports Bra]

3 sets of 20 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg

Warm Up: 1 lap around the track with the following squat sets: Jump squats, Side squats, Lunges, Side squat laterals

Mario's sled pushes with 70 lb worth of plates -- 3 sets 1/2 track

3 sets of 10 squats with 35 lb plates on each side

3 sets of wall sits with a 10 lb. plate, 30 sec/45/45

3 sets of Burpee/Mountain Climbers 30 sec/45/45

I have never felt so hungry in my life. And it's not even that I'm hungry or lacking protein intake. I'm eating a meal every 2 hours!! And yet, the yawning hunger in my stomach is from sugars withdrawal -- scary isn't it? To think what we put in our bodies on a daily basis. 


And for the holy mother of all gods I just want a piece of bread, smothered in f-ing cheese! 

I was told this would happen. That I would be a raging lunatic frantic for some carbs. And yet, I am determined to see this through. I will admit to having a weak moment yesterday, and giving into the temptation of lovely cooked latin food -- fried cheese and all. 

But today I am back on my grind. And I am starting to see results as early as 4 days into my carb cycling diet. 

Today's workout was leg day
ass to grass
squat your life away
 and die. 

{not really}

But let me tell you, that was intense. Because I am forcing my body to extract its energy from its current carb content, the workout is more physically intense, and I can literally feel the fat melting off my body. 

Let's see how much hangrier I can get. 

*Professional physical torturer