"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pouf Daddy


Boyfriend Jeans: Gap Inc. | Black Cotton Tee: Gap Inc. | Leather Clutch: Gap Inc. | Sunnies: Gap Inc. | Wedges: Steve Madden | Cuff: Hermes | Leather Belt: The Limited | Bold Lip: Estee Lauder

An Ode To Corporate America 

I wish to abandon ship before I lose all shreds of my humanity
I wish to move forward from the adversities and trials --
in order to begin to build a better tomorrow
You can't deceive me with false bravado and lack luster enthusiasm

A storm has wrecked your ship just before coming ashore.

Abandon Ship! 

Clouds have marred the sky 
the heavens have opened
and out has poured greed 

You are lost 
You are lost 
You are lost at sea!

Turmoil drags you asunder
Hope brings you up