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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Floral Blouse: Old Navy | Jean Leggings: Gap Inc. | Brown/Black Purse: Shoe Dazzle | Yellow Mary Jane: Luichiny | Oversized Link Bracelet: Michael Kors | Midi Rings: Forever 21 | Optics: Ray Ban 

She’s like the seasons. 

She comes and goes throughout my life, 
but is always constant. 

The year starts miserable and cold 

because the Sun is missing. 
She’s gone and a its a lonely bitter place to be.

But the snow eventually melts and the world is reborn. 

The Sun is back and she brings flowers in her wake. 

Spring has arrived. 

There is life and beauty. 
And it’s because she is there. 
She is the Sun in a barren landscape
that needed warmth and love. 
She is everything that is bright and lovely. 

But the year progresses and soon 

the weather is hot enough for all day play outside. 
Summer is here. 
The Sun is loving everything and everyone
 it can get its hands on, 
and life continues on this beautiful playful path. 
The Sun in vibrant and brilliant. 

The year continues

 and the summer playground
gives way to the autumn sorrow. 

The leaves fall. 

The sun doesn't shine as hard. 
There is a sadness lingering in the wind.
 A foreshadowing of some sorts. 

The wind is pushing the last remnants of summer away. 

And soon we have winter, where the Sun is leaves yet again. 
The world is a cold lonely place, and there is nothing but bitter loneliness.