"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Monday, June 9, 2014

Jean Jacket + Maxi = Love


White Tank: Forever 21 | Maxi Skirt: Loehmans | Jean Jacket: Victoria Secret | Yellow Messenger: Shoe Dazzle | Statement Chain: J. Crew| Ring Stack: Forever 21 | Optics: Ray Ban | Sandals: Forever 21 | 

The Sun. 

Bright and beautiful in all its glory. 
It spreads its warmth on all who can appreciate it for what it is. 
A warmth that culminates at your toes and seeps into your very being
until all you feel is the joy of that heat. 

The Sun has only one nemesis. 
One true villain for her beauty to fear. 
The Eclipse. 

He comes slowly with the purpose of overshadowing her glory. 
He brings cold and darkness in his wake. 
He blocks out all light
 and spreads the dark cold gloom into your very soul. 
Until you are only left with the gripping fear
 that you will never see the Sun in all her beauty again. 

That her warmth will not be felt
 or her brilliance will never be experienced,
the fear that she will forever be in shadow. 

But Time will always be patient and kind. 
She will show the Eclipse his way on
and will show the Sun how to shine
 and spread her warmth again. 
Time will bring the Sun back to her glory
 and be there to steady her
 and show her what she needs. 

Time will guide the way. 
Because only Time knows how to brave the Sun’s heat. 
Only time knows how and when to spread her glory to its fullest. 
And only Time can fully appreciate the perfection that is the Sun.