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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fitness Finds

My current fad? Health and Fitness. 

I am currently on a mission to not only reshape my personal lifestyle {currently being: lazy} to one with more physical activity, and healthier lifestyle choices. 

Currently my eating habits are less than healthy [extremely unhealthy] which seems to stem from my complete lack of self control. The way my mind currently functions: If I want it, I get it. Which is the same motto I have for shoveling food into the endless abyss that is my stomach. 

But soon to change. I am currently on a mission to reshape my lifestyle and opt for healthier choices. 

The Green Smoothie Bible is a great place to start in my opinion. The text will provide you with health and fitness insights for those of us that are less than knowledgeable in the larger world of healthy eating. My number one problem in the past was having to chew vegetables (this sounds extremely childish yet true) and when I discovered the beauty of the green smoothie, a new hope arose on the horizon. 

The book gives more than 300 recipes for blending both fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. 

After training with a personal trainer at LA Fitness for more than 5 months -- it's time to step my game up. I have achieved a level of fitness which has gotten me off the couch and into physical activity {a nice pat on the back thank you, this was a difficult feat}. 

My trainer (contact info listed below) -- has now suggested a diet plan wrought with vegetables and fruit. The Green Smoothie Bible has now become my companion. In the hour where snacking might sneak up, or in those instances which you need a power push to the end of the day -- the never ending combinations of fruits and vegetables is exactly what is needed. 

Stay tuned for my health and fitness updates! 


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