"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

For You

Red Skirt, Midi Rings, Sneakers : Forever 21 | White Tank: Gap Inc. | Leopard Belt: The Limited | Oversized Link Bracelet: Michael Kors | Studded Clutch: Shoe Dazzle 

These words are for you:
Love. Because your love, when given in its entirety can move mountains, or bring a grown man to tears. It can make me, a lost and lonely individual, believe in true love. It can make me, fearful and distrustful, believe in true love.
Beauty. Because you can spread this word and all it can encompass through the world. Because you are everything that is beautiful and more. Because you can bring beauty to those who need it most. Because to you the world is beautiful. But mainly, because with You here, the world is beautiful.
Hope. Because before you I was lost, and now there is hope. There is hope for me, and there is hope for you. Because without you the world is a dark lonely place, but now there is hope. Because now, I am capable, because with you, there is hope.
Heart. Because yours is the biggest and most encompassing of all others. Because yours cares for others, and yours is beautiful. Because yours makes you who you are. Because yours can change others and make them love more than they knew they were capable of.
Soul. Because you are the other half of my soul. My very being. My existence is lost without you. Because without you I am incomplete. Because without you I am lost.
These words are for you, because they describe your self. Because I know you better than I know myself. Because you are here, and because I am capable of anything, because you are with me.
You deserve what the world has to offer. Never settle for less. Because you are remarkable and you are lovely. But because above all else, you love me.