"Fashion is the physical manifestation of who you are"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frenchie & Jewels


Frenchie Sweater: The Limited | Pants: The Gap | Statement Chain: J. Crew | Black Pumps: Steve Madden | Ring Stack: Henri Bendel 


Some always wonder why I chose to go by Plum on the blog. 

I feel like this is a space where I am allowed to be completely myself, and in order to do so I must shed the preconceived notions of Jess -- and become someone else altogether. Someone who is not hindered my inhibition or scared of the judgement of others. 

{Here I am Plum} 

And as such I am fearless. I am bold. And I am completely and utterly myself. The bolder the Plum, the bolder the attitude. 

In Corporate America, it isn't the bold look that gets you far. It's the bold choices you choose to make. However, I have found the inverse is true for fashion. The bolder the look, the more recognition you achieve. You ventured into a space others are hesitant to step into. As such, I will always choose bold -- whether in a professional or personal setting. 

And I will not apologize for doing so. 

Being completely myself has freed me, from myself. 

My outfit choice is a mix of bold statements & patterns with the classical twist of simple elegance. It gives an overall effect that allows you to make your own take on the look. It allows the option of deciding who you wish to be -- while mixing multiple aspects of who you are. 

Until next time friends <3



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