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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Social Friday at Happy Wine


Striped Maxi: The Limited (online exclusive) | Statement Chain: J. Crew | Beaded Bracelet: Michael Kors | Sandals: Nine West | Gold Watch: Michael Kors | Bold Lip: MAC Rebel Assorted Ring Stack: Henri Bendel | Lunch @ Happy Wine 

From Left to Right
Fresh Spanish Tapas of Cold Mussels in Garlic with Tomatoes-- Chorizos al Sidra --(2) Prosciutto Paninis with Fresh Tomatoes, Cheese, and Special House Sauce. 

Fridays is something my mom likes to call "viernes social" -- or Social Friday. She makes it a point to not cook on Fridays as she believes it is a time for good eats in a good atmosphere, without having to put in work in the kitchen. She has happily instilled this belief in her (4) daughters, as she particularly enjoys these Fridays with us. Visiting the various restaurants and dinner tables she chooses -- Social Friday in the Roque house is time for family. 

This special little place in located in the heart of Flagami -- or Calle Ocho. Today's lunch date was a working one, while Aimee ( I love you <3 ) and I enjoyed tapas at Happy Wine, a local wine shop which specializes in serving small plates for those who work in the area. You can come, sit, and enjoy a bottle (or two) of a wide variety of wines, while enjoying freshly prepared Spanish Tapas. All while sitting amongst the hundreds of wine bottles which call this little hole home. The seating arrangements are small tables and chairs shoved into small corners of free space, and/or you can choose to sit high top amid the wine barrels which act as makeshift tables and chairs. 

I paired my outfit choice with gold sandals, as at work it's Casual Friday. The overall ensemble does give a classy spin on the usual casual feel of Friday's in the offices of Corporate America. As always, my statement chain is recent piece to my collection. As with all others, this one was purchased from the J. Crew Collection (always a my go-to place for any statement chain). 

Until next time friends! 

Adieu <3 



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